Saturday, September 1, 2001

[DTRASH028] VENOM8888 - Destroy Venom8888!

[DTRASH028] VENOM8888 - Destroy Venom8888!
VENOM8888 follows up his immensely popular, warped, garbled & twisted debut "LEVEL 8888" EP with one which is so noisy and fuckt, so mental and ultimately ghetto-ized supreme low-fi wacked - this is an extreme mix of ransom note voice microrecorder hiphop cut-and-paste noisecore sounds that should create enough enemies in the digital underground to last a lifetime. - Venom8888 is now dead and buried - or is he?

Genres: Noise, Breakcore, Abstract, Political, Rhythmic Noise, Radioplay, Field Recording, Experimental
Release Date: 2001/9
Length: (48:06)
Track Info:

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