Tuesday, May 1, 2001

[DTRASH027] KLUBKUTTAZ - Kockrock3000 EP

[DTRASH027] KLUBKUTTAZ - Kockrock3000 EP
CPUWar's b57 brings us DTRASH#27, the Klubkuttaz: "Kockrock3000" EP! These 7 tracks stretch the D-boundaries that are in place in the scene, to show a more high-NRG, almost upbeat sound that wouldn't sound too user-unfriendly at your local club/scene?! This is the clubbed-up hyper kinetic supadope breakin' 444 on the floor wet'n hard slammin' 100 percent frequency techno mainstream choice!

Genres: Noise, Hi NRG, Tech House, Happy Hardcore, Breakcore
Release Date: 2001/5
Length: (34:39)
Track Info:

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