Thursday, November 1, 2001

[DTRASH029] STUNTROCK - The Pinnacle Of Mediocrity

[DTRASH029] STUNTROCK - The Pinnacle Of Mediocrity
Ladies gentleman Billy S. Rock graces our catalog with this greatest hits package of harsh and insulting breakbeatcore! Stuntrock's abraisive-but-almost-catchy-enough to make you think stupid ravers would bob their heads to it if they heard it - Country twang guitar noise washes in and out only to next metamorphisize into a carousel ride theme, with key topics covered in this lesson we'll never forget: suicide, ass fucking, fighting, incest, baggy pants as well as young white girls!

Genres: Breakcore, Rhythmic Noise, Breakbeat, Digital Hardcore, Comedy, Experimental
Release Date: 2001/11
Length: (73:48)
Track Info:

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