Sunday, January 18, 2015


Your host J SCHIZOID and Toronto's NWODTLEM debut the "Heckraiser" video to the world and talk about Arnie Schwarznegger, Toronto live shows together, Videodrome, favorite favorites, cinema, and more tales of NWODTLEM's world conquer as a cutting edge AV artist.  His unique brand of VISUAL hardcore makes for edge of seat sittin' questions and answers, brought to you by D-TRASH Records in 2015.

259 MB, Just under two hours

01 Nwodtlem - Plant Bomb And Carry On ->
02 Nwodtlem - Tetsuo: Dust Of The Universe ->
03 Nwodtlem - Heckraiser (DEBUT!!!) ->
04 The First Seed - Powerless
05 The Bureau De Change - Kill The Civilians
06 Schizoid - Epitaph
07 Venetian Snares - Amazon
08 Dead Fader - Ja
09 Mica Levi - Lonely Void

No time for a whole podcast?  Check out the world premier of "Heckraiser" here:

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