Wednesday, January 29, 2014

STORE: MINOR record label distributed by D-TRASH Records

We have the following in stock from MINOR and FLOPBEAT Records.
-Minor023 - VARIOUS - minority CD ($6.66) noise, experimental, ambient
-Minor027 - TLIC - winterplague adopt 7" ($6.99) idm, experimental, techno
-Minor029 - FLOPPY & DOTCOM - space ballet CD ($9.99) idm, experimental
-Flop0003 - 16PNT/TLIC/CYBERKID - 12" ($8.99) rhythmic noise, industrial, drum n bass
-Flop0005 - CYBERKID - there were our days 10" ($9.99) rhythmic noise, industrial, dnb

Prices do not include shipping. Please email us for availability. We will add this to our store once we get down some exact shipping rates for these. All titles above for 40$ plus shipping.

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