Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[DTRASH184] HANSEL - Crude Matters

[DTRASH184] HANSEL - Crude Matters
Continuing to evade musical expectations, Alan Fux returns from Oompah-Loompah Land for this 2014 HANSEL release of alternative/digital hardcore?/industrial music. "We Refuse To Exist", "Throw It Away", "Seek" have that definitive HANSEL sound, with thick beats, orchestral glitch samples and emotionally charged (sometimes enraged) vocals. Throwing you for a loop between these obvious 'hits' are some of the projects' most experimental ventures into creepy dark electronic instrumentals which serve as an atmospheric detour to the feast of 30+ tracks. It's been 5+ years since the last real release and we are happy to continue on into the 2010's with HANSEL as a key player in the D-TRASH Roster.

This is a free download of D-Trash Records. Although the album is a free download, we suggest a $6.66 (or your choice!) donation for this 30+ track collection that comes with full CD artwork [make your own disc from this!], that took Al HANSEL five years to bring to us. Or at the very least, download this and then buy something from D-Trash in our Bandcamp Merch section, top left hand corner of

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Breakcore, Cut-up/DJ, Industrial, Darkwave, Nu Metal, IDM
Release Date: 2014/02
Length: (68:28)
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