Saturday, August 21, 2010


D-TRASH Records wishes TERRORIZER Magazine a happy 200th issue! and thanks them for their expansive coverage of all things extreme, including the technoise scene worldwide. This issues Binary Bloodbath column, featu
red all D-TRASH releases, heres what Alex B had to say about the latest:

‘This Binary Bloodbath has been taken over by the ever prolific net label D-Trash Records. So to get the ball rolling we have DDT with ‘Syndrome of Chaos’ [6.5]. A stomping collection of industrial electronics much in the vein of early Hypnoskull. A more subdued approach is taken by RANDOM and ‘Selection’ [6] takes from the more IDM/Aphex Twin gene pool of electronic music with its weird twisted nursery rhyme tunes and glitched beats and sounds.

A more aggressive stance is taken by the rest of the recent out put from D-Trash, NO BRIGADE are full on digital hardcore, all over driven gabba beats and screamed vocals. ‘Back In Hell’ [5.5] is a furious explosion of electro-punk energy but lacks in the production. JUL!E D:STROY also have that punk fury but on ‘Lipgloss And Chaos’ [6] it’s more controlled, less anarchic, but still pretty fierce dhc.

Speedcore, grind and doomcore are the influences for THE ART OF SEPPUKU and this one man wrecking machine also takes a vast chunk of dark gabba overlord Jack Lucifer with him on ‘Muuumieeen’ [7] with some great results. THE SHIZIT don’t exist anymore and the last album that bore their name was quashed by some legal twaddle from an ex-member. So it has been re-named as The Named and this self titled slice of aggro industrial punk is as good as it gets. Hard beats, impassioned vocal
s and chunky punk/metal riffs. THE SHIZIT is dead, long live THE NAMED [8.5].

Primarily a net label, D-Trash sometimes do something a little special and this time they have released the PHALLUS UBER ALLES ‘Five Fingers Make A Fist’ Ep’s (all five of them) as a limited edition (only 25! That really is limited!) metal tin box set [8]. Each Ep contains an original track and a collection of alternate versions and remixes. PUA play some powerful digital hardcore and this box set is a glorious thing.’ -Alex Boniwell

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