Wednesday, June 16, 2010


D-TRASH Records is pleased to announce the release of "Five Fingers Make A Fist" box set, from Detroit's PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES.

Longtime advocates of feminism-fuelled digital hardcore punk sounds, the group began their struggle, in order to question "not only the cultural perception that women are somehow less capable than men, but also turns a critical eye toward the female behavior that propagates that mis-conception."

They released their furious debut "Iron Woman" on ATARI TEENAGE RIOT's Hanin Elias' pet-label FATAL RECORDINGS, later joining up with D-TRASH to release an EP of remixes of this material as well as new tracks. The band at once became a vital part of the D-TRASH roster, performing at every D-TRASH Records Fest concerts (2006, 2008, 2010) as well as providing unbelievable remixes for HANSEL, THE PHOERON and other label projects.

Last year in 2009, PÜA started releasing a series of online EPs containing more new material and remixes, a 5 part series entitled "Five Fingers Make A Fist". These albums contained more revisitations of "Iron Woman" material, their cover from D-TRASH's 2007 ATARI TEENAGE RIOT tribute, as well as a new song from upcoming release "Le Femme Terrible". To date, these EPs have netted over 10,000(!) downloads from the site.

Now in 2010, PÜA and D-TRASH have taken all 5 of these scorching discs, and has packaged them in a LIMITED EDITION metal-tin box set. Asked about this jaw-dropping package, remy/PÜA said the following:
"The Five Fingers Make a Fist series is a document of the band's evolution from the first album up until now - literally years in the making. It's a "thank you" to all of the bands that have helped out and taken the time to remix us over the years, a chance to re-work old tracks and show off new ones that we've been testbombing at shows. There are plenty of remix CDs out there where all the tracks sound exactly the same. On the other hand, the remixes on our box set often sound completely different from the original, save for a vocal snippet or riff. They're more like entirely new songs, esp. in a few cases where the artists recorded their own vocals or used samples. This box set collects all 5 EPs together in one place, is CD-quality audio as opposed to compressed mp3s, and contains sticker and button designs that are not available anywhere else. That, and it looks cool. It might also be the only box set we ever do. Maybe."

The "Five Fingers Make A Fist" set is now available through for 30$US PPD. For more info visit the D-TRASH site or the PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES site at



-DTRASH129.1: "Heatwave" CD
Heatwave [Motown Version]
Heatwave [Comp Version]
Heatwave [Demo Version]
Heatwave [Comp Instrumental]
Heatwave [Live At D-Trash Fest 2006]

-DTRASH129.2: "Brawl At The Boys And Girls Club" CD
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Album Version]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Gltch Btch Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Ambassador21 Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Remy Brecht Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Operation FallReload Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Remisser Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Trudge Remix]
Brawl At The Boys & Girls Club [Instrumental Version]

-DTRASH129.3: "Cockpit" CD
Cockpit [Album Version]
Cockpit [Decoy Robot Remix]
Cockpit [Innominate Remix]
Cockpit [Ambassador 21 Remix]
Cockpit [Megatron Remix]
Cockpit [Civic TV Channel 83 Remix]
Cockpit [The Appendage Remix]
Cockpit [Phallus Über Alles \m/ Remix]
Cockpit [Instrumental Version]

-DTRASH129.4: "Fuck The Radio" CD
Fuck The Radio [Phallus Über Alles - Original Version]
Fuck The Radio [Distonn - Fuck Ze Radio Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Schizoid - 2009 Media Monopoly Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Himiko - Remix 1]
Fuck The Radio [Synthetic Freedom Fighters - Cha Cha Cha Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Babylon Disco Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Trudge Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Mind Disruption Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Synthetic Freedom Fighters - Sonicrobokill Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Radioodbiornik Ultra Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Stereofect - 8bit Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Knobhead - Remix 1]
Fuck The Radio [Knobhead - Remix 2]
Fuck The Radio [Himiko - Remix 2]
Fuck The Radio [Hyperdriver - Itchy Piles Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Not Half - Radio Fux Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Shotgun Orchestra Remix]
Fuck The Radio [mysterymachine Remix]
Fuck The Radio [IALTS Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Enemy Agent Remix]
Fuck The Radio [Fayth Scar - Freestyle Remix]
**** The Radio [FCC Approved Remix]

-DTRASH129.5: "Nur Ein Bisschen" CD
Nur Ein Bisschen [Original Mix]
Track 2
Nur Ein Bisschen [EE:33 - Enable Sir Remix]
Nur Ein Bisschen [Remy Brecht - Beat Castrator Remix]
Nur Ein Bisschen [Massakiss - Erinnerungen An Detroit Remix]

+ 4 custom PHALLUS ÜBER ALLES pins!

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