Sunday, June 6, 2010

REVIEW: DTRASH121 MIND DISRUPTION @ theoriginalsinfanzine

D-Trash Records is a Canadian label that releases stuff from artists in the dark ambient, breakcore, EBM or any other industrial league. Apart from the official release they opt for the punkattitude and you can get their whole backcatalogue for free. No need to tell that this long list is an absolute must for anyone who is interested in music as such. One of these releases is the latest offering by German duo Mind Disruption from Aachen....

They were inspired by hardcore techno, industrial and punk. The result has become a frightening collection of harsh sounds, distorted vocals, loud beats and the kind of noises from which people will ask you if you’re still normal or not. There are times in where Mind Disruption don’t fear some EBM-cliches (but they work) and opt for the old sound by Suicide Commando or even Skinny Puppy. “Fuck yeah” (yes we admit, it’s not the most poetic thing ever) has become a more than decent release on where you can find among some fillers, some beautiful industrial pearls which are great.

Check out that free page now!!!

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