Thursday, June 3, 2010

INTERVIEW: NOT HALF Talks about Toronto’s D TRASH FEST 2010 Blog had a chat with Al/NOT HALF about his recent experience at D-TRASH FEST 2010. ---

Q. You recently performed in Toronto for the first time at D-Trash Fest - For our readers who aren’t familiar, what is D-Trash Fest?
A. DTrash Fest is a yearly event arranged by Jay of DTrash Records in Toronto. It’s an evening of Digital Hardcore, Breakcore, and other related kinds of music (quite alot of which end in “-core”).

Q. How do they program the acts that play at the festival? Are they all on their record label?
A. I’m not fully sure on that one. Most of the acts are on DTrash but I don’t think all of them are. Jay asks some people about playing on it and they say yes, and some others ask him about playing in T.O. and he tries to squeeze their show to happen on the DFest night. All I can certifiably say is that I asked about it last year but it was too late and then when he was putting it together, he asked if I wanted to play. I said yes, btw.

Q. What’s the relationship between the music that plays at D-Trash Fest and that featured at something like send + receive?
A. There is far more jumping up and down and unserious requests for “Freebird” all night long. The music is much louder and more dancefloor oriented, although that makes it sound like this is Top 40 dance music which it isn’t. Loads of loud kick drums and rapid-fire snares! s + r is much, much quieter and more “respectable”, if you will. People tend to sit politely and examine the sounds around them.

Q. What was the venue like?
A. Small, long rectangular box with a very low ceiling that quickly turned into a sauna when more than 8 people showed up.

Q. What were some of the standout performances you saw?
A. R%@#%$ were jumping around like crazy and going at it with gusto! They were using a tape deck! NWODTLEM had the craziest video-audio sync-up stuff I’ve ever seen, quite fun. And Phallus Uber Alles rocked the joint with their dual vocal sing along hardcore breaks. Everyone else was great too, btw.

Q. How did the audience respond to your own set?
A. A big, loud cheer, pats on the back, “That was awesome!”, “Can you come again next year?”, “Can I book you for my next breakcore show?”

Q. How did Mr. Squirrel survive with you gone for four whole days?
A. He closely examined his eyelids for holes, ignored Barb, and clung to me like a limpet soon after I got home.

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