Saturday, April 25, 2009

OXYGENFAD releases "Anthology" DVD for free download!

OXYGENFAD releases "Anthology" DVD for free download!

"The Oxygenfad Anthology DVD"

D-TRASH artist OXYGENFAD has posted a must-download link to an .ISO file that contains the entire discography (including his 3 excellent albums on our label).

Of the disc he says "The internet has evolved. Most bandwidth can handle this type of release now. This 4 gig DVD image has been made with the intention that the people who like my music can make their own DVD with my whole collection on it. The file names and ID3 tags have been formatted nicely so hopefully your IPODS,DVD players, and whatever else can play them nicely.
If you do not have a DVD burner, you can use a virtual drive. This way, you can browse the DVD.ISO with having a physical copy of the DVD.
There is 75 albums worth of material and over 800 audio tracks. More then 56 hours worth of material is available with this one DVD."

Visit the download page here:

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