Monday, April 27, 2009

DK DANCE "La Decroissance" DTRASH115 reviewed in BRUTALISM.COM


"Here is something a little different: Industrial Punk hailing from France. This album lends sort of a paranoia atmosphere and if filled with heavy repetitive riffs and has a very heavy techno dark electronic noise influence to it. Nothing like I had heard before and totally unpredictable, "La Decroissance" has a sort of sick and twisted humor to it and it's tracks would fit perfect in a movie soundtrack of either something totally underground or anything dark twisted and freaky in nature hehe. Love the bizarre mid-tempo and how this album just totally kills me, I have nothing but good things to say here and even if you do not understand French I am sure that you will still love this album as much as I did. More than highly recommend this but am warning you to keep an open mind here. Rating this 5/5 and will be looking more into this bands previous releases. (review by Kindra RavenMoon)".

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