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We like this greate distro and label that is out of the States who makes some intense grindcore noise sounds... CRUCIAL BLAST Records who also ! is having D-TRASH as a 'featured' label of the month in their online merch shop. A bunch of our cds are there on sale price and available here like "Virus Has Been Spread - ATR Tribute" the DTRASH100 DVD , CONTRA Enter the Winter, FAUX PRIDE "Slapstick Bitch", VARIOUS "Rising Tide Compilation" UNITUS "Cross Contamination" and also ! The SCHIZOID "All Things Are Connected" disc which we're sold out of now. Heres' a comment about us in this featured section and also a new review they did of the MATAMACHETE disc that is new in their stock.

"Our new pick for our featured label at the Crucial Blast shop is the Canadian label D-Trash. D-Trash has been releasing tons of digital hardcore, electronic punk and heavy breakbeat releases on both CD-R, CD, and Mp3 formats for years, and I have been a big fan of their heavier titles, many of which incorporate elements of extreme metal and industrial noise into their beat-driven sounds. Two of my favorites are Schizoid and Unitus - Schizoid's manic fusion of DHR style digital hardcore and spastic electronic black metal makes for some of the label's most ferocious music, as does the ultra-distorted breakcore of Unitus, whose Cross Contamination CD is a punishing exercise in hypnotic breakbeat annihilation that would appeal to fans of both Godflesh's later dub/break driven experiments as well as the ferocious jungle/breakcore of Bong-Ra. All of these following releases on D-Trash deserve investigation from fans of heavy, underground electronic music though."


"At first, you could almost mistake Matamachete for another industrial-influenced nu-metal band like Static-X and Mindless Self Indulgence. Who could blame you? This Swiss band combine modern hard rock riffs, industrial thrash, melodramatic vocals, and big, dumb stadium-ready hooks in a manner that is very similiar to those bands, and on the surface Tanin No Kao has a late 90's industrial metal feel that borders on being anachronistic. But this came out on D-Trash and has the endorsement of black metal/digital hardcore lunatic Schizoid, so I stuck with this and gave it a harder look. And you know what? This is still modern industrial metal, no doubt about it, but Matamachete do make a weird mix of sounds that begins to make more sense in the context of the D-Trash aesthetic. The modern metal attack will be a huge turnoff to anyone that requires more extremity in their musical diet, but mixed in with all of the aggro bluster and post-Ministry riffage are strains of the DHR sound and spastic jungle and sliced-up samples that make this pretty interesting if you have a taste for this sort of stuff. As the album progresses, many of the riffs veer into hardcore punk territory, which gives some of these songs more violent edge edge than you'd expect to hear, and then there's the singers pronounced Swiss accent, which will either simply add to the weird vibe of this album for you, or completely piss you off. Digital hardcore and heavy hardcore are both assimiliated into Matamachete's electro-metal cellular mass, mashing together distorted breakbeats, industrial rhythms, splattery jungle breaks, riffs that wouldn't sound out of place on Sick Of It All's Scratch The Surface or Madball's Set It Off, and hardcore techno. That description does look pretty nuts when you read it. Again, Matamachete are going to be way too close to nu-metal territory for alot of you out there, but if you do dig industrial metal and the D-Trash label, you should give this a listen. It is probably the most accessible release that I've ever heard from D-Trash, and I can easily fantasize about legions of angry Hot Topic youth getting turned on to the more brutal sounds of Unitas and Schizoid via Matamachete. If only!"


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