Saturday, January 7, 2006

SCHIZOID remixes AGNOSTIC FRONT for THE THREAT movie soundtrack!

D-TRASH Records artist SCHIZOID recently got asked to contribute an exclusive remix for the upcoming "The Threat" movie soundtrack compilation CD! J SCHIZOID got to remix his own musical gods, AGNOSTIC FRONT! the kings of New York Hardcore Punk. The entire cd is a "digital hardcore" meets "New York Hardcore and co." type of theme with exclusive remixes from ALEC EMPIRE, HECATE, ENDUSER, EDGEY and more, remixing MADBALL, TERROR, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. The movie looks to be one not to be missed in the 2006 and the soundtrack will hit the streets January 24.

Direct from the makers of THE THREAT, KING'S MOB says: "Celebrating the music culture behind the movie THREAT, Kings Mob has pitted an all-star cast of the most beloved hardcore and metal bands against some of the world’s most notorious digital hardcore musicians. Genre-mashing soundtracks are not a new idea, with such hallowed predecessors as the Judgment Night and Spawn soundtracks, but THREAT breaks new ground both in this album’s organic evolution (THREAT is the first indie movie produced by young people in the NYC hardcore punk, underground hip hop, and breakcore scenes) and in its unparalleled ferocity. Masterminded by THREAT’s writer-director Matt Pizzolo with score contributors Alec Empire & David R. Fisher, "THREAT: Music That Inspired The Movie" is a brutal assault that matches the film’s nihilistic philosophy and terrifying ultraviolence.

1. Most Precious Blood vs. Alec Empire "Pandemic"
2. Agnostic Front vs. Schizoid "PEACE (World At War REMIX)"
3. Inside Out vs. Oktopus from Dalek "Ghost In The Machine"
4. Killswitch Engage vs. Edgey "World Ablaze - Threat mix"
5. Terror vs. Enduser "Overkill"
6. Madball vs. Steve Austin "Madbomb"
7. Eighteen Visions vs. Otto Von Schirach "Champagne Enemaz"
8. Candiria vs. Edgey "Subfusc Maelstrom"
9. Gorilla Biscuits vs. Defragmentation "Zolobovine"
10. The Icarus Line vs. The End "Cannibal Kitten"
11. V.O.D. vs. The Tyrant "Slapped With An X"
12. Judge vs. Bill Youngman "Bring It"
13. Youth Of Today vs. Edgey "Stalwart Carapace"
14. Bleeding Through vs. Hecate "Deathbed"
15. Today Is The Day vs. darph/nadeR "I Know That You're Lying"
16. Glassjaw vs. Enduser "Star Buried In My Yard"
17. Wage Of Sin vs. Mad EP "Sarcophagidaen Rites"
18. Minor Threat vs. Holocaust "Don't Step"

The Music That Inspired The Movie
Available January 2006!

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