Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Abstrakt elektro punk band HERCKLEKOT from Bytom, Poland gives D-TRASH a new full length to start off 2018 with. Released January 19 2018 we want you to enjoy this new FREE download, the band's 3rd album (not including last years 2xEP reissue of "666/Czeci Plac). After that one we got real excited when we'd heard there would be brand new material. Though associated with D-TRASH for years, HERCKLEKOT has always been more than a 'digital hardcore' band, with their raucous sound including many other genres including punk, ska, reggae, techno, folk. Whereas this might for other bands serve as an excuse for lack of intensity, HERCKLEKOT always manage to keep it loud, drunken and manic. This time they also came packing a Sitar! Recorded throughout 2017, "Zmijo" offers up many sounds which make this the groups longest and most varied album. You can expect a pack of rowdy vocals. You will run from the punked out guitar assault! And you will hide from the toys, pots & lids that make up their intricate percussions!

Genres: Punk, Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, Ska, Folk, Industrial Punk
Release Date: 2018/01/19
Length: (57:57)
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