Friday, June 2, 2017

[DTRASH202] DK DANCE - L'orgue de Barbarie

[DTRASH202] DK DANCE - L'orgue de Barbarie
France's DK DANCE returns with another hit album with D-TRASH. Crusty boy+girl shots along with black metal guitars over top of intense drum machine beats has been some of the DK equation for years. On this disc, the throttle is pulled back a tad, opening up the sound spectrum for what could be their most melodic outing. We have always been big fans of the band and are happy to release this 5th DK DANCE D-Trash CD.

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Cyberpunk, Industrial, Industrial Metal, Experimental, Alternative Rock
Release Date: 2017/06/01
Length: (29:29)
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