Monday, February 27, 2017

[DTRASH198] THE PEDERSON-GRAVES PHILHARMONIC - Selected Overtures in A/V-Minor (new DVD release)

"Selected Overtures in A/V-Minor" is an anthology of my Audio-Visual works from 2009 - 2013. An unfiltered look at human civilisation through a bi-polar lens. In the Toronto tradition of Videomusic - it inspects the commodification of brutal sex practices, self mutilation, the empirical ambitions of both the east and west, gender privilege, celebrity culture gone awry, corporate tyranny, and entertainment at it's most indulgent. From a more simplistic point of view, some of this work could be dismissed as merely exploiting shock value. Although the subject matter can often be disturbing, I think with a degree of insight it is easily understood that through despair and humour these issues are examined from a compassionate perspective. Like any work, some of these are less successful than others. The message lost in musicality and vice-versa... but in some rare moments, I think, the right balance is struck. This is me at my worst. Misanthropic, sick, bitter, unforgiving. Obviously, there is a positive and beautiful side to humanity, but you won't find it here. - Pete OHearn (2017)

Watch the entire DVD here! Genres: Audio/Visual Music, Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, Glitch, Broken-Beat, Music Videos

Release Date: 2017/03/01
Length: (40:05)
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