Monday, February 27, 2017

[DTRASH196] Ri0t viRus - Resistance Is Fertile

[DTRASH196] Ri0t viRus - Resistance Is Fertile
Hailing from the Midwest, Ri0t_viRus was born to fuse the charged social and political aggression of Hardcore Punk with the mechanical dissonance and use of sampling in Industrial. Utilizing fast guitar-driven songs in tandem with shout-along vocals to create revolution music and induce rioting, Ri0t_viRus covers topics such as pharmaceutical drug addiction, social injustice, and corporate greed, focusing on real issues that plague our world today. Following in the footsteps of early Junglists and Breakcore artists, the group never comes up short when delivering a healthy dose of distorted rhythms and crushing noise. Harsh electronic sounds + pounding guitars = "Resistance Is Fertile" sends a big 'fuck you' to the Economic Elite.

Genres:  Digital Hardcore, Breakcore, Industrial, Cyberpunk, Electropunk
Release Date: 2017/03/01
Length: (30:33)
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