Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[DTRASH195] HIMIKO - Skin Removal

[DTRASH195] HIMIKO - Skin Removal
We're very happy to bring you Edmonton, Canada's HIMIKO and her 5th full length release for our label. We have been very big fans of her manic sampled digi-deathcore, on "Skin Removal" she explores different territory, instead a non-linear freeform sprawl incorporating vocal shrieks and grunts, white noise, broken beats playing off avant-garde piano future jazz which references her pre-DTRASH musical focus as a classically trained pianist and composer. A truly unpredictable and experimental album of electronic unconvention, with some disturbing artwork from Pete/bossFYTE.

Genres: Future Jazz, Breakcore, Grindcore, Experimental, Space-Age, Industrial Noise
Release Date: 2016/10/01
Length: (52:50)
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