Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[DTRASH193] NWODTLEM - Inane Asylum DVD

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D-TRASH Records is proud to present the digital release of one of Toronto’s foremost underground electronic weirdos, nwodtleM. This collection of audio/video compositions ranges from the hyper edited and frantic, to slow and plodding, and finally to the silly and absurd. The music is painstakingly assembled using only video clips to create all the rhythms, textures, and structure. Cut for cut, frame for frame, what you see is what you hear.

The release starts off with a bang with the now classic ‘Spaceballs Cuts’ where the parody film is decimated and reassembled into a banger with a sing-a-long halftime outro. Other notable tracks are the bad movie worship in ‘Garbage In’, the jittery low tempo bleakness of ‘Dust of the Universe’, the plunderphonic immaturity of ‘Ted Fap’, and the money>values editfest of ‘Auction Block’. As a viewer you can ponder the painstaking lengths it took to create such videos, but it is more advised to crank up the volume and watch as the flickering video dances before your eyes and the sound pummels your ears to create sensory overload that is oddly digestible.
Over the years nwodtleM has gone from cassette mixing and co-running of underground breakcore label Here’s My Card Records, to releasing vinyl, cds and digital releases with the likes of Wrong Music, to performing alongside Venetian Snares, Otto Von Schirach, Dead Fader, En Esch, Merzbow, Cardopusher, Shitmat, Enduser, bossFYTE and a slew of artists in his hometown of Toronto. Never satisfied with following the beaten path, nwodtleM has cultivated a following and a style that fits uneasily between the post-breakcore landscape, the digital art world, and the Youtube cesspool.
With the final instalment of the legendary Videodrome series of events at MoCCA in Toronto just in the rearview mirror emerges the digital download, streaming, and DVD release of Inane Asylum, available now from D-TRASH Records. The art was created by Adam Gabber and a LTD edition poster has been created as well.
"Your video is awesome, I watched it like twice and heard it maybe about 5 times. Jaahahaha, it's like music though.
Love the fuckery." -Otto Von Schirach
"Through the miracles of video destruction and musical re-assemblance Nwodtlem has created a DVD that even the most jaded of nerds will find it hard to not get hard from." -Nick of Whore Church

Genres: Noise, Breakcore, Field Recording, Movie Effects, Digital Hardcore, Rhythmic Noise, Comedy, Experimental
Release Date: 2015/11/01
Length: (27:50)
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