Sunday, October 13, 2013

[DTRASH181] BLIPVERT - Wax Cathartic

[DTRASH181] BLIPVERT : Wax Cathartic
For his second D-TRASH release (and 5th solo release), composer Will Northlich-Redmond - aka BlipVert - delves deeper into his hyperactive glitch-cartoon universe. While the nightmarish sound collages characteristic of past BlipVert records are omnipresent, the eight tracks on Wax Cathartic span a wide range of textures and ideas such as intense cross-cultural works for Taiko drums and Middle Eastern horn ensembles, fractured death metal, and alien choirs. The resulting experience is a dramatic and disturbing sonic paroxysm that gets under the skin....and stays there.

Genres: Future Jazz, Speedcore, Breakcore, IDM, Experimental
Release Date: 2013/11
Length: (44:45)
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