Sunday, July 21, 2013

REVIEW: HIMIKO "DethNoizzz" @

At, they're stocking the new DTRASH177 HIMIKO "DethNoizzz" EP. You can get them from our webstore or through them. Review follows...

"The follow-up to her scathing 2011 EP Fuck Off, Himiko's eleven song EP Dethnoizzz delivers more of this Japanese gabber/scum-metal diva's bizarre mash-up of barbaric death metal riffs, pounding gabber beats and bratty yelping vocals. Like her previous disc, this is a short compact blast of metallic speedcore aggression that clocks in at a mere thirteen minutes, but where Fuck Off's obnoxious din drew heavily from a mix of sampled old school thrash metal riffs, splatterized breakbeats and 100 mile per hour gabber kicks, this stuff is a gore-soaked mess of caveman death metal that has been haphazardly welded to a combination of migraine inducing Bloody Fist-style rhythms, guttural beast-grunts, mutated dubstep, looped screams, and chugging riffs with titles like "Fuel Rods Up Your Ass ", "Butchered, Mended, And Butchered" and "Death Birth" that sound like they could have been lifted off of a combination of Autopsy, Cannibal Corpse and Cock And Ball Torture Lps. There's an industrial vibe that runs through all of these tracks, fusing massive bass-drops and dental drill tones with ultra-distorted synths and lurching drum machines, and some of this stuff will suddenly contort into a kind of mechanized doom that feels like you're hearing some goregrind outfit being remixed by Nasenbluten. When she's not yowling a bunch of high-pitched profanity like Yasuko Onuki's sleazier, splatter-movie obsessed younger sister, Himiko unleashes a torrent of black vocal vomit across her spastic, stuttering techno-gore abominations. I love this sort of barbaric fusion of gabber and death metal, and DethNoizzz is certainly harsh stuff, one of the more brutal releases to come from the D-Trash label in a while. Comes in jewel case packaging."

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