Thursday, August 16, 2012


Needle Fac7ory is releasing their official debut on D-Trash Records. The duo Freddy Morgendorffer - Johna Curtis made some noticeable remixes for projects like Angelspit and x**, but still has to gain a wider recognition. “Jubilee” is not exactly a full length rather than a mini-CD of 6 tracks. From start on Needle Fac7ory is into power. The broken rhythmic has been run by an imaginary turbo reactor. The hardcore influence sounds pretty close, but we also can speak about some cyber-punk influences. The tracks “Bioplasty” and “Beautifuk” both are perfectly illustrating the bombastic power of the duo. All songs are hard and brutal. The tempo is driven at full speed. With the addition of some d’n’b influences (cf. “Jubilee”) the sound only reaches an apotheosis of brutality. This song is also featuring murderous guitar riffs, which are reinforcing the energy. “Jubilee” is sonic aggression and a release can listen to only if you’ve been vaccinated. This is pure cyber-punk terror! (Tor Cleenics) 7/10.

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