Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[DTRASH113.3] THE PHOERON - Subjective Variables

[DTRASH113.3] THE PHOERON - Subjective Variables
The conclusion to the 3 chapter DTRASH113.3 release, "Subjective Variables" sees fellow D-TRASHers SCHIZOID, PHALLUS UBER ALLES, HYPERDRIVER, NOT HALF and friends, taking their remix attacks at featured songs from the "Universal Equation" album. These tracks show a different side of THE PHOERON, more suited for sexing dance club rituals, than the previous disc's solitary mental malevolance rituals. The darkness of ABSU continues to spread in 2012...

Genres: Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Goth, Breakcore, Darkwave
Release Date: 2012/3
Length: (51:11)
Track Info:

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