Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[DTRASH160] SCHIZOID - The Next Extreme: The Remixes

[DTRASH160] SCHIZOID - The Next Extreme: The Remixes
The title track of SCHIZOID''s 2012 return album "The Next Extreme". The song, released online 2011 with an amazing video by PETE O'HEARN (, now gets remixed by the hardcore underground, with a 2012 release of the full album looming. No style is left unchecked here whether its crusty grindgabber, club-a-dubstep, or industrial dance metal. To hear the original version visit D-TRASH on YouTube and watch "The Next Extreme" video. Or, you can buy the version and get a .WAV of the final version from the 7" split released with HUMAN HERD.

Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Punk, Gabber, Rhythmic Noise, Black Metal
Release Date: 2012/2
Length: (76:39)
Track Info:

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