Monday, September 19, 2011

REVIEW: NOT HALF "C-Division" Reviewed At

1/5 stars! We're still doing something right!

Not Half
Category: Noise / Experimental / Electronica
Album: C-Division
Stars: 1
Blurb: In the interest of public safety and health, it is suggested that Not Half be excluded from using recording equipment.

Not Half is the studio project of Allan Conroy, who formed the band in the ‘80s in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Easily some of the most irritating and unpleasant music around, Not Half’s latest is the ass-clenchingly bad C-Division.

C-Division begins with a minute-and-a-half of banging pots and pans with Conroy idiotically chanting the album’s title over and over and over. It doesn’t get any worse or better from here on out. Filled with samples, sound bites, and a great deal of drum & bass instrumentation, C-Division is an incredibly random mishmash of aimless noise, beats, and slaphappy synth lines. This feels more like a schizophrenic patient’s therapy hour than it does a collection of music.

Smartly enough, D-Trash and Not Half decided to release this album as a free download. One can only surmise that the parties involved were intelligent enough to understand that probably no one would want to pay for this. Also, “Chronoton1.1” features a reiteration of the metal pot banging that comprised such a prominent feature of the album’s title track, just in case you didn’t comprehend the deep and mesmerizing symbolism the first time.

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