Sunday, August 14, 2011

[DTRASH159] THE FIRST SEED - We Are The Only Ones

[DTRASH159] THE FIRST SEED - We Are The Only Ones
Individuality is an illusion. We''re all willing minions to the corruption subtly veiled in deceit as the elite lead the masses using greed and consumerism to perpetuate the illusion of freedom while we succumb to their riches'' shackles. "We Are The Only Ones" is an exploration of 21rst century frustration with all encompassing conformity, failing governments and monetary systems as general complacency continues to allow our lives to be dictated by the almighty dollar. From impossibly fast computer drum shredding accompanied by gut wrenching screams to rap infused punk dub step this album is dynamic, abrasive and straight from the heart of The First Seed.

Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Punk, Rhythmic Noise, Hip Hop, Power Electronics
Release Date: 2011/8
Length: (20:15)
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