Wednesday, July 13, 2011


UK JUNKIE KUT and your host J SCHIZOID get down as merchants to sell JUNKIE KUT's brand new disc on the eve of JK's dual release party gig in March with DRUGZILLA. The two of them conjure DINAKI, who shows up infrequently to cause noise on SCHIZ's mic. SCHIZOID says "Nice!" no less than 500 times, and shows his fanboy love for Earache Records as JUNKIE KUT explains the mythos behind the "Terror, Rage, Liberty" storyline. The No DubStep rule is established as well on this episode. -Love, D-Trash

261.7 MB, Just under two hours


01 Junkie Kut - Introduction To Destruction
02 Junkie Kut - Chaostika
03 Junkie Kut - Servants Of The Silence
04 Rabbit Junk - Start The Riot
05 DK Dance - Neverologie
06 No Brigade - Back In Hell
07 Mad Capsule Markets - Restart!
08 Noi-z Az Fuck - Japanese Speedcore Ultra-Violence
09 Leftover Crack - Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)
With DTRASHCAST interviews before, inbetween and after.

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