Tuesday, March 1, 2011


DRUGZILLA - Siamese Beashts (D-TRASH Records/Human Jigsaw Records)

Does anyone remember Bile? Not the goregrind band, but the extreme gabba electronics outfit that were around a while back. I remember picking up one of their albums, accidently because I thought it was the aforementioned goregrind band, and been totally blown away by the contents. Well as extreme as they were, it’s nothing compared to Drugzilla’s latest offering: Siamese Beashts.

You regularly read in reviews “the soundtrack to the end of the world” but this could actually be it. Clearly coming from the same train of thought as Anaal Nathrakh, probably why their touring with them in May, this is the ultimate in aural terror, filled with black humour, social disgust and a drum machine set so fast it would make Scott Hull rethink his entire career.

There is absolutely no let up here, as even when the tracks slow down, the eerie sense that they’re building towards something more extreme than what came before is always there, and normally you’re right on the money with it. It’s the marmite of extreme albums, where you will either love it or hate it, you’ll never find a casual Drugzilla listener unless they’re in a coma or dead.

And even though the song titles point to a rather tongue in cheek approach (Swine Flu is Joke Flu) it’s merely a ruse to draw you into the apocalyptic world within. I cannot think of an album that has kept me so on my toes or pushed me so close to my limits. This is the ultimate in extremity and what makes it even better is that it still remains an entertaining and coherent album, with each track standing out from the last, and one that somehow keeps your interest despite been 14 tracks long.

Terrifying, but satisfyingly so.

Review by Matthew Tilt

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