Thursday, March 31, 2011

REVIEW: DRUGZILLA "Siamese Beashts" reviewed at SUBBA-CULTCHA

Hailing from Ireland the Drugzilla throw out this pulse racing collection that is not for those of a nervous disposition.

Almost impossible to corner this is a scatter shooting of disorientating glitches, pounding Speedcore rhythms and obscure samples, feeling like machine gun fire through the ears- and is almost as damaging.

Picking out individual tracks is almost impossible amongst the madness, despite christening them with such unforgettable titles as Buckfast Get You Fucked Fast, Drugzilla Will Lower Your Sperm Count, and Organs Can Be Replaced, Sessions Can’t Be Missed.

There’s barely a second to catch your breath during the albums 50 minute duration, sandblasting complacency clean away with the subtly of a natural disaster.

Already big on the European Speedcore and extreme electronic stages this album is a chaotic listen to say the least, but those with sky scraping extreme music thresholds will devour this.

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