Friday, March 18, 2011

[DTRASH150] VARIOUS ARTISTS - Concrète Musick

[DTRASH150] VARIOUS ARTISTS - Concrète Musick
Heavier than the earth's gravity pull is this TWO ALBUM compilation, dedicated to old D-TRASH friends, and many new ones who hail from the country of France. Somewhere along the line D-TRASH's ranks were solidly permeated with French blood and sweat, and now we bring you this concrète slab of musick! Disc 1 features new and exclusive tracks from PUNISH YOURSELF VS SONIC AREA, EXTASICK, DK DANCE, GRRRZZZ, PRINCESSE ROTATIVE & FEUH! When word got out that we were putting this together, we got contacted by the following powerful recrues on what became the SECOND disc to this intense package of digital hardcore: DEAD SEXY BETTY, DEXY CORP, DIRTY FINGERS LICKED, MALAKWA, MUCKRACKERS, PHLLOX, RED CITY NOISE & SCHULTZ!

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Industrial, Industrial Punk, Breakcore, Extreme Noise, Experimental
Release Date: 2011/4
Length: (51:24)
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