Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE NAMED DTRASH138 album pressed on VINYL, limited run!

The self titled release "The Named" which was released as DTRASH138 last fall is now being re-released on vinyl!

You will remember this is the release from former THE SHIZIT vocalist & mastermind JP Anderson who also has fronted RABBIT JUNK throughout the 2000's.

You will also remember that this is the release that got us former legal cease-and-desist letters from former THE SHIZIT member Brian Shrader, who accused THE SHIZIT and D-TRASH Records of 'undue promotional publicity' by use of the name THE SHIZIT.

Now! You can get your hands on
  • Strictly limited edition Vinyl, killer gray design with Yellow splatter!
  • This vinyl is printed on Heavy duty, high quality paper w/ 3mm spine. Full Color front and back print. Black vinyl Jacket. Comes in Ploybag. The vinyl has great warm tone, really brings out the rawness of this record!.
  • Limited to 300 copies only! Signed by artist and individually numbered. Once they are gone, they are GONE!
  • As well as the vinyl, there is a bundle you can get that comes with a THE NAMED t-shirt and a pressed CD version of the album containing bonus Glitch:Mode remixes.
We would be selling these through our store but these are going so fast and so limited that you'd best go directly to THE NAMED's webstore at this address:

You can, as before, download THE NAMED release for free at this URL:

You can read our original (justifiably) pissed off press release concerning the legal brouhaha here:

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