Monday, July 19, 2010

REVIEW: Subvert Punx Vol. 1 @

"One of the first of two relases in 2009 from difficult music juggernaut Dtrash Records is the four way split between Clip, Midi Fister, Disbreakz, and Distonn - a global gathering of hardcore, digital hardcore, breakcore, jungle, drum.n.bass, noise producers bringing the serious heat. Think of the Bloody Fist sound, make it a bit more crunchy and lo-fi, industrialize it a tad, spice it up with some punk, throw a bunch more booze and drugs at it… That’s what this sounds like. Again, shoot me if this isn’t tracker gold. The Midi Fister material particularly standing out for this author, a difficult task amongst all around awesomeness."

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