Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free ATARI TEENAGE RIOT tribute CD?! Deal This Month

Yes that is right... Read on....

In recognition that a 2010 version of the group ATARI TEENAGE RIOT is doing a string of upcoming dates throughout Europe in the next month, back together after years of individual solo efforts, we are having a special offer in May 2010 only, with today May 1st being the first successful show performed by the new lineup at the Donau Festival, and for the next months across Europe. (Which us North American D-TRASHers would love to see reach this continent as well!)

In 2007 we released a tribute CD "The virus Has Been Spread" which included artists RABBIT JUNK, HOWARD ROACH, ZYMOTIC, UNITUS, CTRLER, 64REVOLT, HANSEL, NOCORE, THE SECRET LIFE OF TEENAGE GIRLS, PHALLUS UBER ALLES, DHC MEINHOF, EVESTUS, HERCKLEKOT, CYANOTIC, THE PHOERON and SCHIZOID all performing their own interpretations of what was a very influential band, one of many that helped shaped the different facets to the D-TRASH RECORDS' sound, which has follows in the footsteps of the DIGITAL HARDCORE RECORDINGS' style (and other infamous experimental labels/crews) of harsh punk electronic music.

The deal tho? For the month of May, go to the STORE section of WWW.DTRASHRECORDS.COM. Buy any of our DTECH catalog titles or the DTRASH100 DVD, and we will include a complimentary copy of the compilation at no extra cost in your order. Or, buy the ATR tribute album, and let us know which DTECH CD title you would like to get for free as well. Lovely, wonderful, right? That's correct. As well, mention that you did this and you'll also get a discount off the price of admission to our upcoming D-TRASH Records Fest, featuring the type of live musical terrorism that any ATR fan would appreciate. Contact us on that if you're coming out. Details at: ((!/event.php?eid=254139281120&ref=ts))

You can download a NEW song from the current line-up, called "Activate" here at this link. (( There is more on the tour dates and other stuff they are doing at this link. (( If you like/know D-TRASH Records stuff chances are this ATR 2010 thang is old news to you. If not, download it now, enjoy and riot and all that good stuff!


ps. Happy May Day!

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