Tuesday, March 2, 2010

REVIEW: "Distorted Minds" breakcore compilation @

[DTRASH140] VARIOUS ARTISTS – Distorted Mind
"I was pretty happy this morning to wake up to a message from Cat-Grrl about a new release on Canadian digital hardcore label D-Trash. Alongside her oversexed gabbafied breaks are tunes from Sydney based artists Maladroit and Mothball Z so I’m hoping for a local release party sometime soon.
Other highlights come from FFF, Microphyst, Shotgun Orcherstra and Xäcksecks. The release spans a pretty wide cross section of contemporary breakcore from tracker pop mashup to heavy drum and bass, raggacore and glitchy acid rave. D-Trash have made a promo mix of all the tracks available for free download. I’m still not sure how you go about actually buying the CD, perhaps because its such a new release the site store hasn’t been updated yet.
Though the free mix is appreciated I want the CD so I can play at least these three tunes.

Microphyst – Turbo Bastard
It’s been a while since I heard such a funky intro to a breakcore tune. Its got little rushes and edits around a big distorted half time break and plenty of space for the pads. As an intro tune this would work well in a dj set. The half time break drops in and out, competing with a steppier version of the same break, bass edits and full brock-out drums. Unlike many that try this approach the track retains cohesion and feels like a composed piece of music rather than a kid with ADD in front of a laptop.

Xäcksecks – Bust and Grind
I’d never heard of Xäcksecks before but there’s some good proper rave music here. A dense collage of vocal samples drawing from hip hop, crunk and ghetto tek are spliced coherently and feverishly, moving with the vibe of the song and not crowding the melodic or percussive elements. The drum work is heavy and varied with smooth transitions between gabba kicks, hardstyle and jungle breaks. No amazing edits but it’s all expressive and would suit a 4 am frame of mind perfectly. Bonus points for the lead.

Cat-Grrl – The Revolution Is Your Boyfriend
A couple of years ago I played a Cat-Grrl song at re:fest, i can’t remember if it was this or Grrlvert, but I remember the collective smirk on the face of the dancefloor when the samples come in and the sudden explosion of feet and arms when the kicks come in. The Revolution… has pretty solid dancefloor beats, heavy 4/4 kicks and rolling amens held together well with nice pad work and an atmospheric bassline. Write some more music please."

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