Thursday, November 5, 2009

[DTRASH137] THE FIRST SEED - Defunktionalized

[DTRASH137] THE FIRST SEED - Defunktionalized
An exploration in abstract jungle, breakcore, and organized sound, THE FIRST SEED's 2nd release for D-TRASH leaves dancefloors even more confused. This material follows a conceptual path of our current technologically dependent lifestyles, and the coming upheaval caused by the dramatic threats of human reliance on advances in intelligent robotics. Channelling his cavernous aggressive electronic sounds through this mindset, has culminated in the most in-depth programming ever undertaken by THE FIRST SEED.

Genres: Noise, Breakcore, Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Power Electronics, Experimental
Release Date: 2009/11
Length: (28:24)
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