Friday, September 11, 2009


"This album is one of the latest deliveries from D-Trash Records. The two members of Mind Disruption, Gunter (vocals) and Richard (production/guitar/synth), serve up 60 minutes of rough and rowdy digital hardcore. This album comes out the gate swinging with "Selbsthenker", a song that provides boot-stomping rhythms and harsh synths amidst distorted vocals. It is followed by "Bis Einer Heult", which lures you in with spacious synths and then sucker punches you with frantic drums and guitar. "The Void" introduces the first clean vocals in English with the tried and true verse/chorus format. "Voodoo" is a standout song that enters with anthem synths and hard kicks. It lacks the chaos of the other tracks while delivering a moving dance floor success. "Totes Fleisch" sets the pace with soaring synths overlaid with shimmering harps before slamming into a whirlwind of distorted drums and suicide verses... "Lichtbringer" and "Things You Hide" prove to be more dance floor anthems with light synths over well-placed samples and face-kicking drums. "Im Letzten Jahrtausend" begins as an incredible experiment in noise but switches gears for a driving barrage of low bass synths and rolling, distorted vocals... A few of the songs on this album seem to teeter on the brink of train wreck while others successfully get your foot tapping. "Fuck Yeah!" is sure to go over well with fans of the genre..." -CONNEXIONBIZARRE.NET

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