Friday, May 22, 2009

CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES entire discography one massive D/L

"Hello all. as promised, one final release. Up on the holy roar website is a 'discography' that i have put together. It is essentially everything we didnt release and all the music thats no longer available. Theres 5 CDs/a few hundred songs/a few hours worth of music . All of our studio bsides and all my home recordings are there, as are our various live sessions. All the post-populuxxe demos are on there too, showing where we were going.
Theres a lot of crap on it too. its fucking massive, so theres bound to be.
Anyway, go to and sign up and download it, it comes with a tracklisting and a little description of all the music.
Hope someone likes it
Thanks, Eddy"

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