Saturday, April 18, 2009

[DTRASH122] VARIOUS ARTISTS - Subvert Punx 4-Way Split

[DTRASH122] VARIOUS ARTISTS - Subvert Punx 4-Way Split
4 punks from all over the world (Distonn/Russia vs. Clip/Belarus vs. Midi Fister/USA vs. Disbreakz/Croatia) decided to make a record/split featuring their vision of subversive breaks. To spice things up, the record cover was drawn by Simon Gane, which makes this record 100% underground. Subvert glitchy IDM jungle breakz meet punk diy vibe. This is breakcore.

Genres: Breakcore, Dub, Punk, Rhythmic Noise, Gabber, Breakbeat
Release Date: 2009/2
Length: (42:09)
Track Info:

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