Friday, October 24, 2008


I must admit that it was the bizarre album cover and title that first drew me to Not Half’s Radioactive Monster Cats From Planet XLG-5. I should also say the opening and pointless”Loop-Garou” didn’t do much to keep me interested. Fortunately I continued to listen to “Humdrum Drum Part One” and was converted by the catchy break beats and the vocal weirdness that weaves in and out of this techno madness. Not Half is a musical project out of Winnipeg, Canada that revels in its wit and ability to surprise. Lots of samples and synth beats keeps the feet moving but are interesting for just listening too. Some of the tracks do revert to the mindless rave-based meandering that I usually detest but there is still is much to admire when Not Half really gets jiggy with it.

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