Wednesday, October 1, 2008

[DTRASH117] BOY+GIRL - Orbit Plus Ability

[DTRASH117] BOY+GIRL - Orbit Plus Ability
After a string of limited edition releases for various labels across the globe, BOY+GIRL arrive with this first outing for D-TRASH. A combination of the "Cavity Orbit Sword" and "Red Ability" demos, this 19 song monster brings it with caustic, trashed out and speed-freaked grinding trash, digitally manipulated into an hallucinatory noise spiral of sound. A nasty shock treatment that will fry your scalp off! Not for the weak!

Genres: Rhythmic Noise, Grindcore, Digital Hardcore, Noise, Power Electronics, Experimental
Release Date: 2008/10
Length: (57:22)
Track Info:

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