Monday, September 1, 2008

[DTRASH113.1] THE PHOERON - The Universal Equation

[DTRASH113.1] THE PHOERON - The Universal Equation
Behind the veils of myth and the gears of machine occultism, a secret lies waiting - a power so ultimate and devastating that it is impossible to imagine as anything but the manifestation of pure fear; and it is this power which THE PHOERON has evoked for his 4th D-TRASH album: a cold and unique approach to dark rhythmic Satanic industrial-noise. As for the answer to the Universal Equation, it is the equation itself.

Genres: Noise, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Rhythmic Noise, Industrial, Goth
Release Date: 2008/9
Length: (32:15)
Track Info:

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dtrash, the phoeron, transgothic, industrial, breakcore, symphonic, symphonic noise, satanism, occult, canada

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