Saturday, November 4, 2006

THE PHOERON branches out with his own PROHYPTIKON art label/collective...

D-TRASH artist THE PHOERON who hails from Toronto, has had a short but prolific history with D-TRASH, releasing the recent debut album last year "The Absu Meditations" as well as the spooked out "Church Of The Phoeron Of Latter Day Satanists" and "L'ambience" EPs. In the midst of recording new material for his next album (as well as recording an exclusive cover of "The Virus Has Been Spread" for our upcoming ATARI TEENAGE RIOT tribute CD), THE PHOERON has put together the groundwork for his own PROHYPTIKON project, a new collective formed for his own and other local projects of an intriguing and estoteric nature. THE PHOERON explains:

"The name PROHYPTIKON is Greek, and it means "Of or regarding the (spiritual) Mysteries." So, basically the name is exactly what the label/collective is about: spiritually inclined art. As a whole, it will probably end up having a neo-pagan, existentialist philosophical feel to it; but I don't mind. The point is really to explore how people feel about and interpret spirituality in their own lives, without religion and its dogmas, without forcing anyone's belief into a mold.

I even had to take an amusing position on my own past work, regarding PROHYPTIKON . I decided that since the label will be non-religious, it also has to be non-anti-religious - to be completely fair. So just as much as we "won't allow" christian rock bands (for dogmatic reasons), we also won't allow anti-christian material on the label. This was hard for me to acquiesce, but it's the only fair thing to do. Plus, I can't spend my whole life hating... that just gets in the way of what I actually want to accomplish."

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