Friday, September 1, 2006

[DTRASH088] VENOM8888 - VxxKxx

[DTRASH088] VENOM8888 - VxxKxx
VENOM8888 crashes and burns in this climatic finish to his V8888 moniker, a death and birth into a new form of audio terrorism - This lo-fi monolith stands as a final set experimental noise/rock frenzied emotion symphonies for a new Socialiist Order. Haunting and dreadful as the civilization we all part of!!

Genres: Industrial, Field Recording, Political, Noise, Power Electronics, Broken Beat
Release Date: 2006/9
Length: (39:24)
Track Info:

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dtrash, venom8888, Electronic, Digital Hardcore, Broken Beat, Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, Terrorism, Audio terrorism, jihad, anti-government, schaedenfreude, Tyrant

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