Friday, April 1, 2005

[DTRASH064] VENOM8888 - Tyrants Can Be Re-built

[DTRASH064] VENOM8888 - Tyrants Can Be Re-built
Long time DTRASH alumni VENOM8888 re-emerges from the bowels of The Machine to plague us with the lowest-fi ghetto-beats, hostage terrorist-noisecore - This release is a harsh product of, and reaction to the tyranny of humanity, channelled into a sarcastic set of remixes and unreleased VK tracks. The negatives and evils of history are parodied VENOM8888s sphere of anti-reality.

Genres: Noise, Field Recording, Political, Rhythmic Noise, Hardcore, Experimental
Release Date: 2005/4
Length: (42:43)
Track Info:

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