Thursday, August 1, 2002

[DTRASH036] DHC MEINHOF - Bring Noise To Order

[DTRASH036] DHC MEINHOF - Bring Noise To Order
A shocking and scarring release from Poland discovered by our associates at R.I.P. The System Productions and now released on DTRASH. Miss Magg Destruction, MC Refuzer, Neurotizer and Matt669 are DHC Meinhof and don't you forget it - Very intense male/female shouts over digital punk-rock sounds which are meshed with only the hardest breaks and gabber beats, giving the finger to all authority!

Genres: Industrial, Breakcore, Speedcore, Digital Hardcore, Political, Breakbeat, Hardcore
Release Date: 2002/8
Length: (31:03)
Track Info:

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