Wednesday, May 1, 2002

[DTRASH034] F_NOISE - F_Noise

[DTRASH034] F_NOISE - F_Noise
DTRASH are proud to present F_NOISE to the world; Irzechka, Lelchenberg and Dzjenich from Russia, show how its supposed to be done, with this combination of their "Beverly Kills 99666" and "To Rob Bank To Buy Sampler" demos submitted to DTRASH. They deliver an impecible dose of big-sound hardcore, mixing punkrock-styled singalong anthems with blistering doses of noisecore and breakbeats.

Genres: Digital Hardcore, Industrial, Breakcore, Speedcore, Punk, Gabber, Noise, Drum n Bass
Release Date: 2002/5
Length: (50:33)
Track Info:

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Russia, dtrash, f_noise, digital hardcore, dhr, alec empire, atari teenage riot, atr, riot, punk, digital, breakcore, electronic, gabber, noise

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