Saturday, May 1, 1999

[DTRASH007] CPUWAR - Disaffected Malcontents

[DTRASH007] CPUWAR - Disaffected Malcontents
CPUWAR refer to this album as their 'hardcore ambient' album. Not necessarily a release you'd wanna use for chillin' out to, CPUWAR offer pure noise tracks and minimalism across the album. The band experiments with loop phasing and orchestra swells taking influence from Phillip Glass and Steve Reich et al with new a twist. DJ Scud called this release 'digital grunge'. Also features remixes by BU, Zak R, Renegade Android and Liz Alexander.

Genres: Noise, Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, Abstract, Rhythmic Noise, Broken Beat, Experimental
Release Date: 1999/5
Length: (51:52)
Track Info:

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